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Version history

OpenSearch version Release highlights Release date
2.6.0 Includes simple schema for observability, index management UI enhancements, Security Analytics enhancements, search backpressure at the coordinator node level, and the ability to add maps to dashboards. Experimental features include a new ML model health dashboard, new text embedding models in ML, and SigV4 authentication in Dashboards. For a full list of release highlights, see the Release Notes. 28 February 2023
2.5.0 Includes index management UI enhancements, multi-layer maps, Jaeger support for observability, Debian distributions, returning cluster health by awareness attribute, cluster manager task throttling, weighted zonal search request routing policy, and query string support in index rollups. Experimental features include request-level durability in remote-backed storage and GPU acceleration for ML nodes. For a full list of release highlights, see the Release Notes. 24 January 2023
2.4.1 Includes maintenance changes and bug fixes for gradle check and indexing pressure tests. Adds support for skipping changelog. 13 December 2022
2.4.0 Includes Windows support, Point-in-time search, custom k-NN filtering, xy_point and xy_shape field types for Cartesian coordinates, GeoHex grid aggregation, and resilience enhancements, including search backpressure. In OpenSearch Dashboards, this release adds snapshot restore functionality, multiple authentication, and aggregate view of saved objects. This release includes the following experimental features: searchable snapshots, Compare Search Results, multiple data sources in OpenSearch Dashboards, a new Model Serving Framework in ML Commons, a new Neural Search plugin that supports semantic search, and a new Security Analytics plugin to analyze security logs. For a full list of release highlights, see the Release Notes. 15 November 2022
2.3.0 This release includes the following experimental features: segment replication, remote-backed storage, and drag and drop for OpenSearch Dashboards. Experimental features allow you to test new functionality in OpenSearch. Because these features are still being developed, your testing and feedback can help shape the development of the feature before it’s official released. We do not recommend use of experimental features in production. Additionally, this release adds maketime and makedate datetime functions for the SQL plugin. Creates a new OpenSearch Playground demo site for OpenSearch Dashboards. For a full list of release highlights, see the Release Notes. 14 September 2022
2.2.1 Includes gradle updates and bug fixes for gradle check. 01 September 2022
2.2.0 Includes support for Logistic Regression and RCFSummarize machine learning algorithms in ML Commons, Lucene or C-based Nmslib and Faiss libraries for approximate k-NN search, search by relevance using SQL and PPL queries, custom region maps for visualizations, and rollup enhancements. For a full list of release highlights, see the Release Notes. 11 August 2022
2.1.0 Includes support for dedicated ML node in the ML Commons plugin, relevance search and other features in SQL, multi-terms aggregation, and Snapshot Management. For a full list of release highlights, see the Release Notes. 07 July 2022
2.0.1 Includes bug fixes and maintenance updates for Alerting and Anomaly Detection. 16 June 2022
2.0.0 Includes document-level monitors for alerting, OpenSearch Notifications plugins, and Geo Map Tiles in OpenSearch Dashboards. Also adds support for Lucene 9 and bug fixes for all OpenSearch plugins. For a full list of release highlights, see the Release Notes. 26 May 2022
2.0.0-rc1 The Release Candidate for 2.0.0. This version allows you to preview the upcoming 2.0.0 release before the GA release. The preview release adds document-level alerting, support for Lucene 9, and the ability to use term lookup queries in document level security. 03 May 2022
1.3.9 Adds Debian support. Includes upgrades, enhancements, and maintenance updates for OpenSearch core, k-NN, and OpenSearch security. 16 March 2023
1.3.8 Adds OpenSearch security enhancements. Updates tool scripts to run on Windows. Includes maintenance updates and bug fixes for Anomaly Detection and OpenSearch security. 02 February 2023
1.3.7 Adds Windows support. Includes maintenance updates and bug fixes for error handling. 13 December 2022
1.3.6 Includes maintenance updates and bug fixes for tenancy in the OpenSearch Security Dashboards plugin. 06 October 2022
1.3.5 Includes maintenance updates and bug fixes for gradle check and OpenSearch security. 01 September 2022
1.3.4 Includes maintenance updates and bug fixes for OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards. 14 July 2022
1.3.3 Adds enhancements to Anomaly Detection and ML Commons. Bug fixes for Anomaly Detection, Observability, and k-NN. 09 June 2022
1.3.2 Bug fixes for Anomaly Detection and the Security Dashboards Plugin, adds the option to install OpenSearch using RPM, as well as enhancements to the ML Commons execute task, and the removal of the job-scheduler zip in Anomaly Detection. 05 May 2022
1.3.1 Bug fixes when using document-level security, and adjusted ML Commons to use the latest RCF jar and protostuff to RCF model serialization. 30 March 2022
1.3.0 Adds Model Type Validation to Validate Detector API, continuous transforms, custom actions, applied policy parameter to Explain API, default action retries, and new rollover and transition conditions to Index Management, new ML Commons plugin, parse command to SQL, Application Analytics, Live Tail, Correlation, and Events Flyout to Observability, and auto backport and support for OPENSEARCH_JAVA_HOME to Performance Analyzer. Bug fixes. 17 March 2022
1.2.4 Updates Performance Analyzer, SQL, and Security plugins to Log4j 2.17.1, Alerting and Job Scheduler to cron-utils 9.1.6, and gson in Anomaly Detection and SQL. 18 January 2022
1.2.3 Updates the version of Log4j used in OpenSearch to Log4j 2.17.0 as recommended by the advisory in CVE-2021-45105. 22 December 2021
1.2.0 Adds observability, new validation API for Anomaly Detection, shard-level indexing back-pressure, new “match” query type for SQL and PPL, support for Faiss libraries in k-NN, and custom Dashboards branding. 23 November 2021
1.1.0 Adds cross-cluster replication, security for Index Management, bucket-level alerting, a CLI to help with upgrading from Elasticsearch OSS to OpenSearch, and enhancements to high cardinality data in the anomaly detection plugin. 05 October 2021
1.0.1 Bug fixes. 01 September 2021
1.0.0 General availability release. Adds compatibility setting for clients that require a version check before connecting. 12 July 2021
1.0.0-rc1 First release candidate. 07 June 2021
1.0.0-beta1 Initial beta release. Refactors plugins to work with OpenSearch. 13 May 2021
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