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Remove mapping types parameter

The type parameter has been removed from all OpenSearch API endpoints. Instead, indexes can be categorized by document type. For more details, see issue #1940.

Deprecate non-inclusive terms

Non-inclusive terms are deprecated in version 2.x and will be permanently removed in OpenSearch 3.0. We are using the following replacements:

  • “Whitelist” is now “Allow list”
  • “Blacklist” is now “Deny list”
  • “Master” is now “Cluster Manager”

Add OpenSearch Notifications plugins

In OpenSearch 2.0, the Alerting plugin is now integrated with new plugins for Notifications. If you want to continue to use the notification action in the Alerting plugin, install the new backend plugins notifications-core and notifications. If you want to manage notifications in OpenSearch Dashboards, use the new notificationsDashboards plugin. For more information, see Questions about destinations on the Monitors page.

Drop support for JDK 8

A Lucene upgrade forced OpenSearch to drop support for JDK 8. As a consequence, the Java high-level REST client no longer supports JDK 8. Restoring JDK 8 support is currently an opensearch-java proposal #156 and will require removing OpenSearch core as a dependency from the Java client (issue #262).

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