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Create snapshot

Creates a snapshot within an existing repository.

Path and HTTP methods

PUT /_snapshot/<repository>/<snapshot>
POST /_snapshot/<repository>/<snapshot>

Path parameters

Parameter Data type Description
repository String Repostory name to contain the snapshot.
snapshot String Name of Snapshot to create.

Query parameters

Parameter Data type Description
wait_for_completion Boolean Whether to wait for snapshot creation to complete before continuing. If you include this parameter, the snapshot definition is returned after completion.

Request fields

The request body is optional.

Field Data type Description
indices String The indices you want to include in the snapshot. You can use , to create a list of indices, * to specify an index pattern, and - to exclude certain indices. Don’t put spaces between items. Default is all indices.
ignore_unavailable Boolean If an index from the indices list doesn’t exist, whether to ignore it rather than fail the snapshot. Default is false.
include_global_state Boolean Whether to include cluster state in the snapshot. Default is true.
partial Boolean Whether to allow partial snapshots. Default is false, which fails the entire snapshot if one or more shards fails to stor

Example requests

Request without a body

The following request creates a snapshot called my-first-snapshot in an S3 repository called my-s3-repository. A request body is not included because it is optional.

POST _snapshot/my-s3-repository/my-first-snapshot

Request with a body

You can also add a request body to include or exclude certain indices or specify other settings:

PUT _snapshot/my-s3-repository/2
  "indices": "opensearch-dashboards*,my-index*,-my-index-2016",
  "ignore_unavailable": true,
  "include_global_state": false,
  "partial": false

Example responses

Upon success, the response content depends on whether you include the wait_for_completion query parameter.

wait_for_completion not included
  "accepted": true

To verify that the snapshot was created, use the Get snapshot API, passing the snapshot name as the snapshot path parameter.

wait_for_completion included

The snapshot definition is returned.

  "snapshot" : {
    "snapshot" : "5",
    "uuid" : "ZRH4Zv7cSnuYev2JpLMJGw",
    "version_id" : 136217927,
    "version" : "2.0.1",
    "indices" : [
    "data_streams" : [ ],
    "include_global_state" : true,
    "state" : "SUCCESS",
    "start_time" : "2022-08-10T16:52:15.277Z",
    "start_time_in_millis" : 1660150335277,
    "end_time" : "2022-08-10T16:52:18.699Z",
    "end_time_in_millis" : 1660150338699,
    "duration_in_millis" : 3422,
    "failures" : [ ],
    "shards" : {
      "total" : 7,
      "failed" : 0,
      "successful" : 7

Response fields

Field Data type Description
snapshot string Snapshot name.
uuid string Snapshot’s universally unique identifier (UUID).
version_id int Build ID of the Open Search version that created the snapshot.
version float Open Search version that created the snapshot.
indices array Indices in the snapshot.
data_streams array Data streams in the snapshot.
include_global_state boolean Whether the current cluster state is included in the snapshot.
start_time string Date/time when the snapshot creation process began.
start_time_in_millis long Time (in milliseconds) when the snapshot creation process began.
end_time string Date/time when the snapshot creation process ended.
end_time_in_millis long Time (in milliseconds) when the snapshot creation process ended.
duration_in_millis long Total time (in milliseconds) that the snapshot creation process lasted.
failures array Failures, if any, that occured during snapshot creation.
shards object Total number of shards created along with number of successful and failed shards.
state string Snapshot status. Possible values: IN_PROGRESS, SUCCESS, FAILED, PARTIAL.
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