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CAT count

Introduced 1.0

The CAT count operation lists the number of documents in your cluster.


GET _cat/count?v

To see the number of documents in a specific index or alias, add the index or alias name after your query:

GET _cat/count/<index_or_alias>?v

If you want to get information for more than one index or alias, separate the index or alias names with commas:

GET _cat/count/index_or_alias_1,index_or_alias_2,index_or_alias_3

Path and HTTP methods

GET _cat/count?v
GET _cat/count/<index>?v

URL parameters

All CAT count URL parameters are optional. You can specify any of the common URL parameters.


The following response shows the overall document count as 1625:

epoch      | timestamp | count
1624237738 | 01:08:58  | 1625
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