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Binary field type

A binary field type contains a binary value in Base64 encoding that is not searchable.


Create a mapping with a binary field:

PUT testindex 
  "mappings" : {
    "properties" :  {
      "binary_value" : {
        "type" : "binary"

Index a document with a binary value:

PUT testindex/_doc/1 
  "binary_value" : "bGlkaHQtd29rfx4="

Use = as a padding character. Embedded newline characters are not allowed.


The following table lists the parameters accepted by binary field types. All parameters are optional.

Parameter Description
doc_values A Boolean value that specifies whether the field should be stored on disk so that it can be used for aggregations, sorting, or scripting. Optional. Default is false.
store A Boolean value that specifies whether the field value should be stored and can be retrieved separately from the _source field. Optional. Default is false.
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