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The otel_trace_raw processor completes trace-group-related fields in all incoming Data Prepper span records by state caching the root span information for each tradeId. This processor includes the following parameters.

  • traceGroup: Root span name
  • endTime: End time of the entire trace in International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 8601 format
  • durationInNanos: Duration of the entire trace in nanoseconds
  • statusCode: Status code for the entire trace in nanoseconds

The following table describes the options you can use to configure the otel_trace_raw processor.

Option Required Type Description
trace_flush_interval No Integer Represents the time interval in seconds to flush all the descendant spans without any root span. Default is 180.


The following table describes common Abstract processor metrics.

Metric name Type Description
recordsIn Counter Metric representing the ingress of records to a pipeline component.
recordsOut Counter Metric representing the egress of records from a pipeline component.
timeElapsed Timer Metric representing the time elapsed during execution of a pipeline component.

The otel_trace_raw processor includes the following custom metrics.

  • traceGroupCacheCount: The number of trace groups in the trace group cache.
  • spanSetCount: The number of span sets in the span set collection.
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