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ISM settings

We don’t recommend changing these settings; the defaults should work well for most use cases.

Index State Management (ISM) stores its configuration in the .opendistro-ism-config index. Don’t modify this index without using the ISM API operations.

All settings are available using the OpenSearch _cluster/settings operation. None require a restart, and all can be marked persistent or transient.

Setting Default Description
plugins.index_state_management.enabled True Specifies whether ISM is enabled or not.
plugins.index_state_management.job_interval 5 minutes The interval at which the managed index jobs are run.
plugins.index_state_management.jitter 0.6 A randomized delay that is added to a job’s base run time to prevent a surge of activity from all indices at the same time. A value of 0.6 means a delay of 0-60% of a job interval is added to the base interval. For example, if you have a base interval time of 30 minutes, a value of 0.6 means an amount anywhere between 0 to 18 minutes gets added to your job interval. Maximum is 1, which means an additional interval time of 100%. This maximum cannot exceed plugins.jobscheduler.jitter_limit, which also has a default of 0.6. For example, if plugins.index_state_management.jitter is set to 0.8, ISM uses plugins.jobscheduler.jitter_limit of 0.6 instead.
plugins.index_state_management.coordinator.sweep_period 10 minutes How often the routine background sweep is run.
plugins.index_state_management.coordinator.backoff_millis 50 milliseconds The backoff time between retries for failures in the ManagedIndexCoordinator (such as when we update managed indices).
plugins.index_state_management.coordinator.backoff_count 2 The count of retries for failures in the ManagedIndexCoordinator.
plugins.index_state_management.history.enabled True Specifies whether audit history is enabled or not. The logs from ISM are automatically indexed to a logs document.
plugins.index_state_management.history.max_docs 2,500,000 The maximum number of documents before rolling over the audit history index.
plugins.index_state_management.history.max_age 24 hours The maximum age before rolling over the audit history index.
plugins.index_state_management.history.rollover_check_period 8 hours The time between rollover checks for the audit history index.
plugins.index_state_management.history.rollover_retention_period 30 days How long audit history indices are kept.
plugins.index_state_management.allow_list All actions List of actions that you can use.
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